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Poster: cosmicharlie Date: Aug 10, 2006 4:05pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Are Deadheads mad at Bobby?

that's right! 13 min to go.......(for us left coasterz)

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Poster: sydthecat Date: Aug 10, 2006 5:09pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Are Deadheads mad at Bobby?

Ya make some music for thirty or forty years. Make people happy. Then you go---"Who's doin' what? Hey, I wrote that song.". F*!&^ you buddy, we're downloading all your soundboard stuff for free because the music should be free.
Oh yeah? Where do you work? What are you givin' away for free? Are you working in a law office? Giving all you time away to whoever wants it? I'm an actor. Should my acting be for free? I have another friend who's a courier. Should he deliver packages because the packages should be free? Is Bruce Springsteen giving it away? Bob Marley's estate? Herbie Hancock? Big Brother? John Cage?
Tom Waits? Peter Coyote was one of the Diggers. Feeding people in the Haight. Keeepin' it together. Now that he's an actor should he work for nothing. Hey, I can pay to see E.T. or I can download it. Neil Young has said after chasing bootleggers for 30 nears that now he doesn't mind people trading bootlegs now that he's old and stinking rich. Think Bobby's a rich as Neil? Think Neil would allow people to download soundboards of all his live appearances of the last thirty-five years?

Remember what age this musician is. Remember that internet concepts of f^&*ing copywright might be a little out of his ken. Maybe he's an old fashioned American with an idea of getting paid for his work. When they set up a taper section in the early 80's did they forsee this? Did they ever pretend that they weren't into making a living at this? I mean he's not Aereosmith. The guy is playing bars and small theatres.

I'm an actor and I'm constantly below the poverty line. Does that mean after thirty some odd years of good times Bob Weir owes me anything? You know why he said "See ya."? Because he knows he doesn't owe us a thing. He gave his f^&^%$in' nervous system for us. What more do you want? Like I said this is the most absurd stuff. Listen to live shows from the early days. Listen to how they relate to their audience. They were punks. They're still punks. They're grateful to us, have affection for us but look... Garcia licenced out his artwork for frickin' ties before he died. He was wrting books. Do you think he should have come to your house and given it to you for free or put it on the internet? Think he would have daid okay? Think again.

The music should be free. It is free!!! Stream away. How long before an enterprising deadhead beats this whole thing anyway? Or already has? How many shows do you need in your collection? What does Weir have to do. Apologize? "I'm sorry, I was in a really bad mood that day." Anybody know any musicians? They're not exactly diplomats. (When I was ten years old I thought Garcia was an a-hole! Check out what he says to Harry Popick at the Omni in '95 and that guy's a friend!!) A lot of these shows are available elsewhere. Get a life! He's not going to apologize.

And worse? He's probably not going to shave!!!!

Damn. And I said I wasn't going to be drawn into this.
If the boys ever re-unite and do another tour I'm selling "See Ya." t-shirts in the parking lot. Oh no. Sorry. I'll give them away for free. Because the t-shirts should be free.

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Poster: nchead Date: Aug 10, 2006 8:49pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Are Deadheads mad at Bobby?

My morbid curiousity wants to know what it is that bobby said that was so extreme. I'm kinda out of the recent goings-on but if he was responding to a protest petition about the sdbs. he apparently took the moral high road by not pulling all free dead music. A petition to protest the taking back of what was given freely by those who were generous enough to give it in the first place??? IT'S HIS/THEIR MUSIC!!! It's laughable to assume that someone is entitled to a recording of a show that they bought a ticket for, let alone the entire catalog. Hard to wrap the brain around that logic. Wish I would have known ahead of time though, would have burned a bunch of sdbs. at the last minute.....heh